Curing with Boveda

Curing with Boveda is as simple as it is perfect.

1. Dry using normal method until stems break (ideally, a tiny bit further)
2. Jar with Boveda. 4g up to 14g of flower, 8g up to 1 ounce, 60g up to one pound, one 60g per pound.
3. Cure as long as you like, no burping required.
4. Enjoy!

What’s happening while it’s curing?

Boveda is fine-tuning by adding or removing moisture from the flower to give it the same moisture content throughout the flower. Burping for the sake of moisture isn’t necessary, so burp only if you like!

We recommend drying a little past ideal so that Boveda’s primary purpose is to give moisture to the flower. That’s because it’s easy to tell when Boveda needs to be replaced – when the entire thing turns into a fairly solid wafer.

When Boveda’s primary use is to remove excess moisture, it’ll still be soft and impossible to tell when it’s absorbed all it can.