FAQ: Why didn’t Boveda last 2 months in my guitar case?

Humidipak/Boveda should last about 2 months in your guitar case, so why didn’t your first set last that long?

Simple. It’s your case.

Imagine you had Tupperware large enough to put a dry guitar and 3 Boveda inside. Because Tupperware is vapor proof and doesn’t absorb moisture, it would take only a few days for the guitar to absorb the moisture it needs and for the Boveda to regulate the humidity inside to a stable RH between 45-55%. On the other end of the spectrum, the thirsty wood in your guitar case will absorb a lot moisture and cases don’t (generally) have a very tight seal, so the Boveda have to work much harder.

Add to this the fact that 75% of the moisture of the Boveda is being used by the wood in the case – not the guitar. After all, there’s a lot more wood underneath the felt/padding of your case than there is in your entire guitar

Once the wood in the case gets all the moisture it needs, it will not only stop competing with the guitar for moisture, the case will seal better, keeping the moisture inside and creating a more efficient environment.

It shouldn’t take more than one set of 3 Boveda to get your guitar and case conditioned. (Remember, the packs need to be replaced when the entire thing is almost completely rigid.) If you’ve gone through a set in a couple weeks, your case/guitar were dangerously dry and/or your case doesn’t seal very well. If you go through two sets in a month or so, you need a new case.

Keep in mind, your case can lose a surprising amount of moisture in the couple hours of a jam session if it’s left open. You’re going to get the best life out of Boveda by always keeping the case locked tight, whether the guitar is in it or not.

Charles Rutherford

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