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Native Roots Packages all Cannabis with Boveda

Starting September 29th, 100% of the flower sold at Native Roots includes a Boveda pack in every container. A new movement in cannabis storage has begun.

Boveda’s patented 2-way precision humidity control adds or removes 100% pure water vapor, as needed, to maintain the ideal moisture content in cannabis. The result? 15% higher terpene retention, safer, more effective flower and elimination of money lost to evaporation.

Why …

Boveda holds the ONLY patents on 2-way humidity control.

In the ongoing series on how to tell real 2-way humidity control (Boveda) from the fake stuff (anything else), comes something excruciatingly simple. 

First, we covered Boveda’s hygrometer Calibration Kit. It’s objective proof that only Boveda is able to control moisture.  And ONLY Boveda holds those patents.

Then we let the delightfully named PigSquishy tell his painfully common story of losing a crop during curing because he was shipped an imitation product …

Another crop ruined by imitation 2-way humidity control.

We’re compiling stories of people who’ve gone through the misery of ruined crops after being sold imitation 2-way humidity control. They obviously weren’t told it was imitation. On the contrary, distributors, retailers and the manufacturer would love you to believe it’s exactly the same as Boveda. It’s even been sold as “Boveda by another name”.  

If it’s not brown packaging and doesn’t say Boveda, it’s not 2-way humidity control. 

15% more terpene retention with Boveda.

After 8 years applying our patented 2-way humidity control ability to cannabis, we’re thankful for the countless global fans who trust Boveda for cannabis curing, storage and merchandising. 

The world has known that Boveda is fantastic for cannabis, but now we have the first research on why. And it’s exciting.

As the only product that can control a specific humidity level in packaging, it’s Boveda’s duty to initiate research on the effects …

What makes Boveda’s Calibration Kit our most important product?

Boveda fans occasionally ask, “What’s your most important product?” I think the Calibration Kit is our most important product because it’s objective proof that only Boveda can precisely control moisture. No sponge, gel, bead or imitation product marketing themselves as “2-way humidity control” make a Calibration Kit, because their contents don’t have the ability to control moisture. 

The science community recognizes a saturated salt solution as the only way to control …