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Why does Rocky Patel package with Boveda?

Rocky Patel and his cigars are among the most globally recognized brand in the cigar world. His cigars and his company have been featured in countless trade publications, business magazines and “Best of” lists, including Cigar Aficionado’s #7 Cigar of 2015.

You’d think a guy with those kind of accomplishments would be satisfied. Not Rocky.

For over 7 years, Rocky has been packaging his cigars with Boveda. To Rocky, …

Boveda will self-distribute in US tobacco market Jan 1, 2015

Beginning Jan 1, 2015, Boveda will be returning to their roots of working directly with US retailers by resuming their own distribution.

To continue as an authorized Boveda reseller, please visit BovedaWholesale.com and complete the short application. Accounts will be approved on Dec 31st for you to begin ordering Jan 1st. Due to the New Year’s holiday, orders will ship by January 5th.

Our short application process will ensure we …

The surest method of reviving dried cigars

We’ve been reminded recently of some vintage methods of trying to revive dried cigars. This article from Cigar Inspector discusses variations of methods that have existed for years, using items/places around your house. The reason results vary widely is because they’re 100% dependent on external conditions – ambient RH, ambient temp, number of cigars, level of dehydration, etc. – and every smoker will have their own unique set of circumstances. The …

Think you can trust your digital hygrometer?

In order to show readers that consumer hygrometers are imprecise instruments, we put two Boveda 69’s (accurate to +/- 1%) in a Humidor Bag with six hygrometers with brand new batteries for two days. Take a look at the results.

This batch of popular hygrometers have a 17% reliability rate.  And without a dial or knob to adjust accordingly, the wild inaccuracy will only be matched …

Padrόn No. 88 Sampler uses Humidipak Inside

What’s the only 2-way humidity control trusted by one of the most respected cigar companies in the world? Boveda.

Since 2008, Padrόn Cigars has guaranteed the freshness of their No. 88 Sampler by using 69% Humidipak (now called Boveda) inside. This means that one of the most sought-after samplers will be kept fresh for 60-90 days after purchase, making it the perfect gift for the cigar smoker that you …