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Green Flower Media: How To Store Your Cannabis The Right Way

Our friends over at Green Flower Media have recently posted a fantastic article on some of the best practices when it comes to storing cannabis. “How you store your cannabis flower is extremely important. Let’s face it, cannabis can be expensive, so you want to make sure you are storing it in the best way possible to make it last as long as possible.” – Mandee Lee, Green Flower media.... MORE

How Strong Are Boveda Packs?

So you may have asked yourself…just how strong are those Boveda packs? After all, you’re putting them close to your beloved cigars, wooden instruments, or herbal medicine.... MORE

Using Boveda With Secondary Humidifiers

What happens when Boveda is used with a secondary humidification system (ie: gels, crystals, glycerin, PG solution, beads, distilled water, etc.)?... MORE


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