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Daniel Marshall

A Conversation with Daniel Marshall

From “just a cigar” to the sublime— A conversation with Boveda and Daniel Marshall When a cigar great like Daniel Marshall carves out some time with you, you savor the moment. The man’s fashioned elegant humidors for some big names, including Al Pacino, Steve Harvey, David Beckham and Jay-Z, just to name a few. For […]
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Boveda Science

What Makes Boveda the Only Precision Humidity Control?

Two-way Humidity Control means the same thing to us today as it did when we patented the packaged version 20 years ago: The ability to add and/or remove moisture and still maintain a specific Relative Humidity (RH). It means acting on the environment instead of being at the mercy of it. It means specificity, reliability […]
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Gateway to Health – From Pills to Plants

The idea that Cannabis is a gateway drug is still very much ingrained in some of our minds.  I can’t help but agree. For me, this plant with my naturally occurring cannabinoid receptor system has been a gateway to many good things.  For people like myself, Cannabis is a gateway to sleep, smiles, sex, and […]
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